Endless Possibilities.

[ut_highlight_section image=”http://biteclub.de/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/brooklyn-phone.png” imagetype=”portrait” imageeffect=”fadeInUp” leftboxeffect=”slideInLeft” rightboxeffect=”slideInRight”] [ut_highlight_left title=”Ultra Responsive” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-laptop” color=”#1abc9c”] Brooklyn ist fully responsive and perfectly fits on any device. [/ut_highlight_left] [ut_highlight_left title=”Clean Code” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-code” color=”#1abc9c”] Brooklyn has been built with the latest submission requirements based on the WordPres Codex, everything is working as intended. [/ut_highlight_left] [ut_highlight_left title=”Portfolio” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-sitemap” color=”#1abc9c”] Present your work to the crowd, with our portfolio management you can easily create your own showcase so that everyone is able to find and see your work on the web! [/ut_highlight_left] [ut_highlight_right title=”Hero Title” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-text-width” color=”#1abc9c”] Brooklyn provides 11 pre defined Hero Title styles out of the box [/ut_highlight_right] [ut_highlight_right title=”Section Header” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-magic” color=”#1abc9c”] Brooklyn provides 7 different header styles out of the box. With the help of the built in section settings, you can easily style each section header individually. [/ut_highlight_right] [ut_highlight_right title=”Members” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-users” color=”#1abc9c”] Brooklyn provides an easy team management. Add as many team members as you need and choose between 4 pre defined styles to present them on your site [/ut_highlight_right] [/ut_highlight_section]